£56m public/private jolt to spark electric vehicle chargepoint network growth

Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) pilots announced will help local authorities plan for new chargepoint infrastructure.

  • £56 million of support to continue the expansion of electric vehicle charging;
  • a further 2,400 publicly accessible chargepoints to be installed;
  • sixteen English local authorities to benefit from funding to support electric vehicle chargepoint rollout;

The government has announced £56 million combined public and industry funding for increasing electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints across England

Transport Minister Jesse Norman says the new money will help deliver up to a further 2,400 chargepoints set to be installed in the short term and support local councils in delivering tens of thousands more in the long term.

The latest funding will expand the current Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) pilot and boost the existing On-Street Residential Government Funding Scheme (ORCS).

With backing from the scheme councils across England will be developing in-house expertise and capability to coordinate chargepoint plans and work with private operators – delivering a more comprehensive and reliable network of chargepoints for drivers.

In addition to expanding 3 of the original LEVI pilot schemes, there are also 16 new pilot scheme areas.

Local allocations of funding comprise:

  • £200,000 to Buckinghamshire
  • £1.9 million to Cumbria
  • £1 million to Hackney
  • £2.3 million to Harborough
  • £1.8 million to Hounslow
  • £600,000 to Lancashire
  • £1.6 million to Norfolk
  • £1.6 million to Oxfordshire
  • £1.6 million to Rotherham
  • £800,000 to Sunderland
  • £2.5 million to Waltham Forest
  • £1 million to Warwickshire
  • £8.5 million to West Midlands
  • £2.9 million to West Sussex
  • £3 million to West Yorkshire
  • £1.9 million to York
  • £7.4 million to Durham*
  • £4.4 million to Barnet*
  • £3.6 million to North Yorkshire*

*Denotes original pilot expansion.

Technology and Decarbonisation Transport Minister, Jesse Norman said:

“The government is giving local authorities across England additional help today to energise their chargepoint roll-out plans.

“Today’s commitment will lead to thousands of new chargers being installed, and plans for tens of thousands extra in due course, so that more people than ever can make the transition to using EVs.”

The money is partially from government and partially from private sources: £22 million of government funding for the pilot areas is supported by an additional £17 million of private funding, and £2 million from public funds across several local authorities.

In addition to expanding the pilot scheme, today also sees the launch of an £8 million LEVI Capability Fund which will provide local authorities with incentives and training to build a local strategy for charging EVs.

Local authorities will work in tandem with private business and chargepoint operators to drive the sustainable growth of local networks, building and utilising their collective knowledge and expertise to deliver the most ambitious chargepoint plans for their area.

A further £7 million funding has been allocated to the existing On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme, bringing the total funding this year to £37 million. Three thousand chargepoints have already been installed under ORCS with a further 10,000 in the pipeline.

Several additional funding schemes are already open and available to help install chargepoints for electric vehicles with government support, including  grant assistance for EV chargepoints in the workplace (Workplace Charging Scheme), for residential landlords and for owners and tenants of residential properties.

Over £2 billion has been sent so fare to support the move to zero emission vehicles aiming to drive forward the move to electric vehicles and facilitating the decarbonisation of the transport system nationwide.


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