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Who we are

EVCIA is the Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Installers Association, the dedicated Trade Association for Vehicle Chargepoint Installers, for all types of chargepoints including, Home, Commercial, Street and Rapid Charger Installations.

While we work as a trade body representing the interests of our members, we also act as a marketing group and lead generator for them, promoting our members’ installation services through advertising and publicity campaigns and allocating the work we generate to our installer members

Alongside these promotional activities EVCIA works to promote the collective, common and individual interests of the EV sector and those its members in particular.

The EVCIA “Approved” brand mark represents that of an Approved Chargepoint Installer

To be a trade member of EVCIA the individual or firm must be registered as an Authorised Chargepoint Installer; or a Manufacturer or UK Distributor with the British Government’s OVEZ (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) scheme. Members are provided with a branding pack and we encourage display of the brand as a “Mark of Trust” on Member’s website’s vehicles and stationery.

At this time EVCIA is in its founding stages as a membership organisation. At the request of a number of installers it was created by its current management team as a Company Limited by Guarantee to establish a website and trading platform for its members to generate work.

As time progresses we envisage EVCIA will develop into an elective association with a constitution and committee elected by its members.

Until that point EVCIA’s interim purpose is to:

  • Promote the transfer of the UK automotive sector to electric vehicles by facilitating the safe installation of approved EV chargepoints at home, at work, at commercial facilities and in the street;
  • Deliver services promoting the sales and installation of electric chargepoints for its members both collectively and individually by marketing itself to the public as an assured location to find EV Chargepoint Approved Installers and information about EV Chargepoints;
  • Provide advice and assistance to its customers on obtaining EV Chargepoint Grants to offset the cost of installation of chargepoints in accordance with Government schemes

Evcia Trading Ltd

Evcia Trading is the commercial arm of the EV Chargepoint Installers Association, the largest network of chargepoint installers with members in every postcode in the UK.

The trading arm acts as a contract applicant and work allocator for its members, matching its members to contracts according to the scale of work, their locality and their reputation.

Every Evcia member commits to working to the highest standard while the organisation holds reviews of all the work they have undertaken for us as well as insurance certificates and professional qualifications.

Evcia can deliver jobs both large and small, including challenging large scale chargepoint engineering projects; projects which require service over a large geographic area or smaller installer work where proximity and service is the key.

We uniquely offer a grants portal which deals with available grant applications and we tariff check every installation to ensure the lowest price is being paid for electricity.

We have engineering skills both in house and through our consultants and are particularly skilled at delivering viable results where the power supply appears to be inadequate for the task required.

We can install any chargepoint from a simple domestic household charger – for which we offer the lowest installed price in the UK –  to complicated DC installations where entire car parks are powered up.

We provide chargers for any type of electric vehicle from a bike to an HGV.

Our network gives customers access to 350,000 chargepoints within Europe. Our own system means that an unlimited number of chargers can be managed with total visibility across the network from the desktop at any one time.

Customers and users are provided with an app and dashboard to administer their service at the appropriate level to the rights they have been granted.

Our back office systems can administer all payments and remits monthly.

Remote, portable and temporary charging facilities are available for both sale and hire.

We are particularly proud of our level of service and follow-up provision. All installations come with a minimum three years guarantee.

We have the resources to fund and deliver large scale projects which might otherwise beyond the reach of our members.

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Call our duty membership manager on ‭07375 887621

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Evcia Trading Ltd (Company number: 14822081) is our for-profit trading entity. It is not a lender. We may receive a commission for introducing you to a lender for unregulated activities such Capex funding for projects. Evcia Cabcharge Ltd (Company number: 15088993) operates our Evcia Cabcharge Licensed Hire Vehicle Charing Parks

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