Commercial EV Chargepoint Installation Grants

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About the EV Infrastructure Grant for staff and fleets

The grant is aimed at small to medium sized businesses. It covers up to 75% of the cost of installing the infrastructure needed for chargepoints to operate and for future chargepoints to be installed, as well as the cost of any chargepoints installed.

Grants are limited to £15,000 per application.

The government will pay:

  • £350 per chargepoint socket installed
  • £500 per parking space enabled with supporting infrastructure

The installed infrastructure must support a minimum of 5 parking spaces with at least one working chargepoint.

There is a separate and different grant from the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS).

The Workplace Chargepoint Scheme Grant

Normally we would recommend any workplace to utilise the infrastructure grant first.

But The Workplace Chargepoint Scheme Grant can be used alongside the Infrastructure grant, although not for the same chargepoints.

We recommend use of the Infrastructure grant in the following circumstances:

  • Installation of Chargepoints when the provision of chargepoints allocated under the infrastructure grant is exhausted;
  • When you wish to install chargepoints for both mixed staff and customer use. The WCS can ge used for mixed use charging (including commercial parking) but it cannot be used to fund installations that are customer-use only;
  • When the business exceeds the scale permitted under the EV Infrastructure Grant. WCS is not limited to SMEs
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Check out if you are eligible and what grant tactics you should follow

Who qualifies and what you can get is complicated!

The easiest way to check  what is available it to book a consultation with our specialist grant teams who will be able to give you an immediate assessment.

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