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Help your commercial and domestic customers by reducing their energy bills by placing them on the correct tariff and earn at least £50 commission for every referral

You earn as your customers save!

Save your Residential Customers £600-a-year

The tariff saving on a domestic install for a switched customer with a chargepoint as opposed to an unswitched customer is typically between £500 and £700 per year.

Typically a domestic tariff swap after an EV charge point install will save your customer £600 per vehicle on what they would have paid at the standard domestic rate. They will still incur slightly higher bills than they do now for electricity at home because they are charging their vehicles using electricity. But they will no longer be incurring thousands a year in fuel charges for petrol and diesel.

Minimum installer referral fee £50.

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Save your Commercial Customers Thousands

Savings on commercial installations will vary widely. We will typically save your customer £1000 in electricity costs per chargepoint but because we will review their entire electricity costs on all their usage the savings can be much higher. Your commission is based on the savings we can achieve across their entire supply. Proof of these savings is available to you and your client.

We pay commission on the full amount of energy saved. Minimum installer referral fee £100

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Savings for every energy customer, chargepoint or not

Switching works well for chargepoint customers as we can demonstrate an immediate substantial saving despite their increased power use.

But our tariff switching service works for every energy consumer — charge point customer or not

  • Works both for residential and commercial customers:
  • Your client does not have to be a chargepoint customer.
  • We can tariff-save for almost every energy consumer…
  • We pay commission on every switch — so why not start with yourself?
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Commissions to Installers

Commissions are paid monthly.

A monthly statement of your commissions will be available through our affiliate portal.

  • For domestic customers we pay £50 commission on customer signature.
  • For commercial customers we pay 10% commission on the fees we earn, which should amount to between £100 and £500 for you for each referral.
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How does it work?

Consult the FAQ

  • Do customers I refer to EVSwitch have to be chargepoint customers?

    You can refer any customer — be they domestic (residential) customers or any type of commercial customer — including residential landlords. They must be an energy customer for us to conduct tariff checks but there is no requirement for them to be an EV user or to have chargepoints.

  • Do I have to be an Evcia member to benefit from EV Switch?

    The answer is no but it helps!

    Any installer can use EVswitch to switch users on to a lower tariff and claim commission on the referral.

    But Evcia members get immediate approval and faster payouts and also benefit from up to 33% more commission than non-members. 

    The 33% additional commission quickly offsets Evcia’s annual membership costs and also gives access to Evcia generated installation work in both the commercial and home chargepoint sectors.

    Become a member today

  • How does it work for commercial customers?

    Your commercial customer’s tariff switch will result in higher electricity usage which can be partially offset by attracting more customers, charging visitors for chargepoint use and savings on own-fleet fuel costs.

    But enrolling them as a commercial customer on EVswitch can eliminate or at least offset higher electricity costs by securing your customer a cheaper tariff.

    What’s more as the lower tariff will apply across all their energy requirements (electricity and gas) you may be able to reduce their overall total energy costs.

    Our Energy team will gather the most effective business gas and business electricity pricing tailored to your customer needs from a wide range of suppliers willing to service their sector.

    Our business electricity team and business gas team have knowledge of and access to secret deals and a far wider choice than are published.

    It doesn’t just matter how much your customer buys, it also matters when and how they use it. Our electricity and gas purchasing agents research consumption patterns to match you to the best deals available. And because our clients buy power in volume we’re able to negotiate you into aggregated volume consumption deals at favourable tariffs not available to anyone as a solo negotiator.

    Did you know…

    • Chargepoint customers benefit from the most savings, but in this volatile energy market we can save money for almost all your customers by switching. 
    • You can switch both recent installations and historic customers. Speak to us about how to can do a tariff check to benefit all your commercial customers, past and present
  • How does it work for domestic/residential customers?

    Vehicles can be charged at any time, but the best time is in the early hours when electricity tariff casts are at their lowest. Switching to the lower tariff will typically save your customer £600 a year in electricity costs per car on what they would pay on the higher tariff.

    However these cheaper overnight tariffs (what used to be called “Economy 7”) are not automatically available — not all providers offer them; and even if the tariff is offered you have to request the switch. It will not happen automatically.

    By referring every customer to EV Switch you can ensure you are offering your customer the best tariff available for  their usage. And by doing so we will pay you a minimum £50 for every customer who signs up for switching.

    Did you know…

    • Chargepoint customers benefit from the most savings, but in this volatile energy market we can save money for almost all your customers by switching. 
    • You can switch both recent installations and historic customers. Speak to us about how to can do a tariff check to benefit all your customers, past and present
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