EV Stay: An EV charge point for your holiday property

Pay only £99 down for free installation
Fully maintained and supported. Costs £33 a month – Earns £33 a day

EV Stay offers two choices.
1. Own and pay: EV Stay owns and pays or the installation of the chargepoints at cottages, holiday homes and apartments remitting a payment based on usage back to the owner
2. Supply and manage: Supply, fit and operate charge points at locations for a small monthly management fee.


Revenue return – additional no fuss profit centre


EV Owners growing in number will only stay where they can charge: Virta, booking.com

Easily earn additional revenue for a service they want

Search Criteria on  all man holiday search websites

More affluent, socially-conscious owners are better guests

monthly payment – detailed monthly return

flexible – you set rates – free for your own vehicle – up to three rates. CP automatically calculates margin


must have off street parking and supply.

subject to survey,

24/7/365 support response

All equipment benchtested and preconfigured for fast installation with minimum disruption

Choice of Chargepoint. Attractive chargers remotely maintained and updated with frequent upgrades.

Considerate, efficient and tidy OZEV approved local installers for excellent service

Free online site survey with choice of position and wall or post mounting.

App and desktop controls over all your chargepoints and properties

no-fuss energy switch service guaranteed to place you on lowest cost tariff for all your supply – typical saving £600 a year

Renewables only power supply

Free integration with your solar if available

Professionally managed international network.

Fully Guaranteed with immediate replacement from stock if defects develop

Get more (and better) guests

Generate more visitors. 90% of EV drivers say chargepoint influences their decision on where to book

Charge points a search criteria on  all main holiday search websites

Revenue return. Customers have convenience and economy of private charging

Round-the-clock revenue public chargepoint opportunity

Better Citizens, Better Customers: Green vehicle owners are nicer people, more considerate to your property. More likely to repeat visit; know what they like; spend more

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