Evcia for Residential Blocks

Executive summary

  • Chargepoints professionally installed for your residents;
  • Revenue earning with no installation cost or ongoing maintenance charges;
  • Pay as-you-use means no charge to block or to non-ev users – block earns revenue from installation;
  • Works for privately owned apartments or tenanted blocks;
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor residents car parks;
  • Works for any car park from 5 bays to 500;
  • Solutions for private residents bays or communal use;
  • Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Education and Healthcare Institutions welcome;
  • Fully managed solution with guaranteed income;
  • Reputable experienced professional partners – Backed by Institutional Finance (Swiss Life)
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Evcia EVResidential delivers professionally installed and fully maintained charge point installations to multi residential units with car parks. Installations are undertaken 100% at our expense with no installation costs payable by the block and no ongoing maintenance charges.

As with other services like cable television or fast broadband the service is optional to residents and pay-to-use. Residents with EVs will enjoy the convenience and cost savings associated with home charging. Residents with no EV will incur no additional costs and indeed will benefit from the additional revenue the service delivers to the block..

We work with block owners, private landlords and residential managers operating for private flat owners, as well as housing associations, local authorities, educational institutions and healthcare bodies; indeed anyone who owns or manages multi residential units which are served by car parks associated to the block.

How does it work?

To provide the service EVResidential obtains available grants on behalf of the owner and supplements them with investment to a level sufficient to cover the total cost of the installation. Charging infrastructure is then installed at the block to the specification agreed with the blockl.

For car parks with designated bays owners can be provided with the convenience of their own dedicated charge point. Private chargers on bays can be installed at any time at a cost payable by the bay owner of £33 a month (minimum contract 12 months). If bays are not designated Evcia will fit and manage a dedicated communal charge park for block use with sufficient charge point enabled bays to be appropriate to the block’s needs. Sufficient infrastructure will be provided to enable the communal charge park to be easily expanded at a future date.

In both cases charging costs can be paid through an app, card or plug n’charge®. Fees cover the electricity used to charge the vehicle plus all service and maintenance needs to keep the installation in top health and to meet the capital cost of providing the service.

EVResidential operates a transparent pricing policy which constantly tracks and matches nearby pricing — ensuring charge costs are always competitive and much lower than public charging rates. We guarantee there will be no additional fees or unforeseen costs incurred by the block or residents and that all operational and maintenance costs will be met within the charging tariff.

Chargepoints and software are updated regularly. Service and maintenance are included as part of the charging cost. Our standard service level agreement with our customers delivers a minimum 99.7+% uptime as well as full protection against breakdown, theft, criminal or accidental damage, fire and flood.

Customers can also use their home charging app and card to charge on the move at more than 300,000 locations across the UK and Europe.

Residents gain superb quality chargepoint installation services professionally serviced and maintained and the block gains a regular monthly revenue which covers all power costs, supplemented to offset block expenses for years to come…

Who is it for?

There is no minimum qualification as to size of building or size of car park. We work with blocks large and small.

We work with both public and private sector property providers to equip blocks of all sizes and types.

We provide service to ‘private’ residential units where each accommodation unit is owned by a different person; as well as tenanted blocks where all the residential units are owned by the same landlord or entity. If parking is allocated to designated bays charge point services can be provided to each resident individually.

If bays are not designated a typical installation will be typically provided to 2, 5, 10 or 15 shared charging bays (as appropriate) which residents can use whenever they need to charge their vehicle.


Evcia aims to be your long-term EV power partner. We recoup all the up-front costs we incur slowly over the duration of our contract so once terms are agreed we pick up all the costs of the infrastructure and working charge points.

Customer Features

  • Multi-residential unit occupiers with EVs can charge inexpensively and conveniently at home at a price which is far lower than street charging. Visitors can be charged a premium if they need the service. Occupiers not needing the service incur no cost.
  • Pay for what you use system with automatic billing through app and card;
  • Residents can leave their car plugged in knowing that the charging be optimised to make use of lower overnight rates to minimise billing costs;
  • Shared chargepoints are bookable via our app;
  • Visitor charging can optionally be permitted (subject to availability) at a premium rate;
  • Detailed use reporting is provided to the user and is available online at all times;
  • All expenditure and maintenance costs are contained within the operation of the installation;
  • Revenue positive. All power used by the system plus an administrative fee is paid automatically back to block management at each month-end.

Installation and Management Features

  • Easy approval and fast installation – normally within 4 – 6 weeks of completed order;
  • Full free no-obligation survey assessing power and building needs from our in-house IDNO;
  • Provision of all infrastructure and power upgrades necessary to deliver a viable installation;
  • Full approval of design and layout;
  • Evcia’s no dig flat-wire system means minimum disruption to car park users while system is installed;
  • Fast professional installation of top-quality chargepoints using expert installers and industrial-quality equipment to provide a robust and durable charging environment for years to come;
  • Unbeatable service and maintenance with 24/7/365 support, 99.7% uptime and guaranteed 4hr maximum response;
  • Full new-new-for-old chargepoint protection cover is in place in the event of mechanical defect, accidental or criminal damage, theft, fire or flood,


For more information, contact Toby Doyle on 07591 671179 or by email at toby@evcia.org.uk

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