Free EVCIA Customer Membership can save Home Chargepoint Users £600 a Year

By ensuring you are on the right tariff and charging at the right time your Free EVCIA Customer Membership will save you £600 a year on electricity costs — and help save the planet

Drivers of electric vehicles are being urged to switch to a money saving EV-friendly energy tariff ahead of expected rises in utility bills this April.

EVCIA research has found that people charging their electric vehicles at home could save £600 a year by switching to a more appropriate tariff.

Some energy tariffs are designed for electric vehicle owners. After comparing tariffs and use-rates EVCIA found that EV owners could save as much as £50 a month by getting an appropriate tariff and then using their charger only to top up during off-peak periods.

EVCIA Membership Secretary Charlotte Murray said: “The rising price of energy means the cost of running an EV is not as cheap as it was 18 months ago. However electric car drivers can still make huge savings on home car charging by switching to an EV friendly electricity tariff and our Free Membership service can help with that.

“EV-friendly tariffs offer a much cheaper electricity price, typically overnight, helping reduce the cost of a single charge, but our previous research has found as many as 50 per cent of EV owners were not taking advantage of these cheaper rates.

“Our new switching service, free to customer users, means we enable customers to be sure they are on the correct tariff, maximising their savings act the same time as maximising use of renewables.”


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