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Free EV Charger Assistance: Our experts will book your installation with our professional EVCIA members and sort out your £350 EV Chargepoint Grant

Book your Chargepoint Installation through the EVCIA and we’ll arrange fast installation with grant assistance by an approved local installer if you qualify

£350 Government Grant per Installation. Homeowner or Tenant. Residential or Commercial. Approved Installers. Immediate Installation. Choose any Charger*

EV installer Grants For Home Users

  • £350 or 75% off the cost to buy and install a socket, whichever amount is lower;
  • Homeowners and Tenants;
  • England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland included.

EV installer Grants for Commercial Users

75% infrastructure cost for chargepoints to operate; Limited to £15,000 per grant.

  • £350 per chargepoint socket installed
  • £500 per parking space enabled with supporting infrastructure;

EV installer Grants For Professional Landlords

  • £350 or 75% off the cost to buy and install a socket. Up to 200 residential and 100 commercial properties.
  • Infrastructure grants up to £30,000 a year or 75% off the cost of the work. Up to 30 infrastructure projects a year.

EV installer Grants For Supplier Members

We provide Grant Assistance for all EVCIA members regardless of where the client was sourced:

  • Home User Grants;
  • Commercial User Grants;
  • Landlord Grants;


The Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Installers Association

EVCIA for Consumers

We’re a membership association for Quality Approved Chargepoint Installers but like our members we know how to Put Customers First!

Our FREE EVCIA Customer Membership entitles you to:

Free Assistance with your £350 Government Grant Application: if you qualify ensuring the most cost-effective installation. We provide assistance to:

  • Residential Applicants (including homeowners and tenants)
  • Landlords (including indoor and outdoor installations and schemes for shred car-parks)
  • Commercial Applicants (including for works car parks and fleet installations and for shared commercial use, for example hotels or business parks)

The EVCIA brand mark represents that of an “Approved Chargepoint Installer”

Government Approved Professional Installers: All our members are professionally qualified, fully insured, government-approved highly competent installers;

Your choice of Chargepoint: Our installers will install any Chargepoint on the Government Approved list;

Prioritised Installation: No delays! Guaranteed earliest installation of your EV Chargepoint.

Free Tariff Check: Getting your electricity tariff wrong could cost you £600 a year in excess charging bills. We conduct a free tariff check for every customer;

Discounts in our EV Accessories Store: Cables and other products at EVCIA Customer member discount prices;

Free Dispute Resolution Service: to iron out any snags, niggles or disputes with your installer or product manufacturer.

Always Contactable: from 8am every day of the week

EVCIA for Installers

We’re the membership association for Quality Approved Chargepoint Installers providing daily EV Chargepoint installation work for our members and guaranteeing their clients receive Excellent Customer Service…

EVCIA Membership entitles you to:

Benefit from our Advertising: We’re creating ads to promote our member-installer services on television, radio and online. We refer enquiries directly to you for you to fulfil in your area;

Access to work orders: get your membership fee back and more by our work referrals service. We guarantee a minimum number of jobs a year dependant on your membership level and a low commission rate on additional bookings we send you.

We sort out the OVEZ grant paperwork: we deal with your grant applications free of charge whether its for a home installation, a landlord, or a commercial property whether we found the job for you or you sourced it yourself;

Free Tariff Checks for all your Customers: Save your customers up to £600 a year from verifying they are on the correct electricity tariff;

Out of Hours Bookings: Our booking service is online from eight am to eight pm seven days a week ensuring we’re always available;

Use the EVCIA ‘Mark of Trust’ logo: To show your professional installer credentials and inspire customer confidence. ‘Trusted’ Rating and Review service for all members;

Use our Dispute Resolution Service: We provide a free arbitration and Dispute Resolution Service to resolve disagreement with customers.

Plus: Spokespeople always available to represent the sector; Press Release and Promotional Service; Legal Helpdesk and Discounts on Business Services;

EVCIA: The Mark of Professional Standards in EV Chargepoint Installations

Search by Installer Location:

Enter your location to find local approved installers


Grant Assistance with EV Installations

Eligible Home Chargepoints

ABB | Alfen| Andersen | AutoEco | Badger | BG Sync EV | Bloova | Charge Amps | Charge-m8 | ChargePoint | CITA | CityEV | Compleo | Easee | En+ | EO | Etrel | evec | Ford | GoCHARGE EV | Hydra | Hypervolt | iAccess | ICS | Intelli EV | Linkcharging Technology | Mennekes | myenergi | NewMotion | Ohme | OpenEnergyMonitor | Pod Point | Rolec | Schneider | Sevadis | Sevadis | Shanghai Hengyi | Shenzhen Atess | Simpson | Sinexcel | StarkEV | Swarco | Teltonika | VCHRGD | VoltShare | VOLLT | waEV-charge | Wallbox | Webasto | Zaptec | Zhuhai Piwin

Eligible Approved EV Vehicles

Audi | BD | BMW | BYD | Chevrolet | Citroen | DFSK | DS | Energica | Fiat | Ford | FUSO | Honda | Hyundai | Jaguar | Jeep | Kia | Land Rover | LDV | LEVC | Lexus | Mahindra | MAN | Maxus | Mazda | Mercedes-Benz | MG | Mini | Mitsubishi | Nextem | Nissan | ORA | Peugeot | Polestar | Porsche | Range Rover | Renault | Renault Trucks | SEAT | Skoda | Smart | Smith Electric | Suzuki | Tesla | Toyota | Vauxhall | Volkswagen | Volvo

Eligible Commercial Chargepoints

ABB | Alfen | Andersen | AutoEco | Badger | Bloova | Charge Amps | Charge-m8 | Chargepoint | CITA | CityEV | Compleo | Easee | En+ Technologies | EO Charging | EVBox | evec | Gewiss | GoCHARGE EV | Hubeleon | Hydra | Hypervolt | iAccess | ICS | Intelli EV | Linkcharging Technology | Mennekes | myenergi | NewMotion | Ohme | Pod Point | Rolec | Schneider | Sevadis | Shanghai Hengyi | Shenzhen Atess | Simpson | Sinexcel | StarkEV | Swarco | Teltonika | VCHRGD | VoltShare | VOLLT | waEV-charge | Wallbox | Webasto | Zaptec



Home Charging

Street/Commercial Charging

Rapid Charging

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